The 3 Tecnifibre technologies

The multifilament string

The best challenger of the gut 

• Between 1200 and 1550 filaments depending on the gauge.

• Liquid polyurethane core impregnation for Tecnifibre only.

• Slightly slippery final protection for easy laying.

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The poly fusion mutlifilament string

The best of both technologies

• 1 single strand.

• Mix of 2 technologies (Multi & poly).

• Multi technology provides a comfortable feel and power.

• Polyester technology provides control, spin and durability.

• The star product: Triax.

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Polyester string

The durable & spin string

• Central core based on polyester (cheap) or Co-polyester (premium).

• Round, oval, square or pentagonal structure.

• Final protection for easy gliding.

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