Power and Comfort thanks to unique technology!

The TF-X1 has been designed to provide maximum power. But this type of racket is designed with rigid ergonomics which generates more vibrations. The solution? X-DAMP. A unique technology developed with TecniLab to absorb these vibrations and provide maximum comfort.

Features of the TF-X1

X-DAMP: 36% less vibration

How does it work? A steel part is inserted in an elastomer pocket in the handle which offsets the force each time the ball is hit.

The result: arm-straining vibrations are reduced by 36%, causing less fatigue.

Frame ergonomics: Maximum power

The frame has been optimised with a rounded head and reinforced sections for more power and stability.


ISOFLEX: Enlarged sweetspot

Scalable stiffness all around the head adapted to each string, increasing the sweetspot area for greater tolerance and maintaining speed and precision on off-centre hits.