Aware of current societal challenges, we are launching our X-LOOP range: the first 100% recycled and recyclable technical T-shirt, made from used polyester strings

Discover our X-LOOP program

Project History

In 2023, Tecnifibre conducted its carbon footprint assessment using ADEME's Diag DĂ©carbon'action method. It marked the beginning of an action plan for social responsibility. X-LOOP is Tecnifibre's first product launch born from this action.

Manufacturing Process

In collaboration with its string supplier in Wervicq-Sud (Nord), its stores and partner tennis tournaments such as the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, Tecnifibre collects end-of-life strings. Infinite Athletic, another Tecnifibre partner, then takes over, transforming the used strings into small yarns used to manufacture these ultra-light, resistant and breathable T-shirts.

For this first collection, an X-loop T-shirt is made of 50% polyester strings and 50% plastic bottles, that is four tennis strings and two 1.5L bottles.

Technical Features

This is the lightest t-shirt designed by Tecnifibre, featuring a flexible and comfortable mesh. The material is durable thanks to the anti-abrasive properties of the strings, while also being breathable; no chemical treatments involved. Only a natural antibacterial treatment based on silver ions is applied to the material to prevent the proliferation of bacteria from sweat that cause odors.

From a design perspective, the graphics are integrated into the fabric with a gradient pattern celebrating the Tecnifibre logo.