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€ 19,99

El cordaje de tenis Razor Code es la elección de Daniil Medvedev. Giro superior y vida útil.


Potente y genera toneladas de efectos. Excelente vida útil.


Tipo de cordaje de tenis Monofilamentos
Gama de cordajes RAZOR CODE
Condicionamiento Garniture 12m
Colores Blanco
Description X-Loop

Discover our X-LOOP program.

Project History

In 2023, Tecnifibre conducted its carbon footprint assessment using ADEME's Diag Décarbon'action method. It marked the beginning of an action plan for social responsibility. X-LOOP is Tecnifibre's first product launch born from this action. It presents an opportunity to encourage both leisure and professional players to adopt good practices.

Manufacturing Process

In collaboration with its string supplier in Wervicq-Sud (Nord), its stores and partner tennis tournaments such as the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, Tecnifibre collects end-of-life strings. Infinite Athletic, another Tecnifibre partner, then takes over, transforming the used strings into small yarns used to manufacture these ultra-light, resistant and breathable T-shirts.

For this first collection, an X-loop T-shirt is made of 50% polyester strings and 50% plastic bottles, that is four tennis strings and two 1.5L bottles.

Technical Features

This is the lightest t-shirt designed by Tecnifibre, featuring a flexible and comfortable mesh. The material is durable thanks to the anti-abrasive properties of the strings, while also being breathable; no chemical treatments involved. Only a natural antibacterial treatment based on silver ions is applied to the material to prevent the proliferation of bacteria from sweat that cause odors.

From a design perspective, the graphics are integrated into the fabric with a gradient pattern celebrating the Tecnifibre logo.

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