The US Open, from behind the scenes

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Monday, August 20th, it's the beginning of qualifying at the US Open tennis.
Just after he walked out of the plane, Olivier Rizzo, in charge of professional players at Tecnifibre, unpacked all the boxes that occupy half of the living room of the Manhattan apartment rented for the week. Let’s see!

Following the players all year and making sure they have all the equipment they need is a full-time job. And during the Grand Slams, such as before the US Open, the stress goes up!

"We are always reassured to see the boxes when we arrive! "explains Olivier Rizzo.

Olivier Rizzo arrives US Open

We cannot deliver too early because it is difficult to store, or too late because the players rely on us to recover their equipment. We must therefore avoid all customs problems, or anything that can slow delivery. We really do not have the ability to make mistakes "

Already, the first players make their appearance, the unexpected begin and the messages pop up on Whatsapp:

  • 8:28 am - John Millman: "Guys I'm having breakfast and I'm coming. OK for you? - "OK John, bring us a croissant! "
  • 3:30 pm - Sachia Vickery: "I forgot my strings! Can I come fast? "Ok we'll be at the club in 1 hour"
  • 8:30 pm - Denis Istomin: "guys problem with the shuttles, I may be late. Ok for you? "No worries Denis, we'll be at the apartment, go whenever you want! "

"We did not want a rigid and impersonal distribution with fixed hours and players just coming in to get their equipment with the taxi waiting for them downstairs," Olivier says.

"The players have a lot of requests and often have to change their tournament schedule. We therefore chose to be flexible and to adapt, in order to share more than just a distribution.”

And it works. The football talks with John Millman, a big fan of Liverpool, give way to colorful debriefs with the coach of Maryna Zanevska.

"Our apartment is really a place to live. It is not uncommon for players to spend several times a week enjoying a drink, watching a game, or even eating with us. Even players who do not have equipment to pick up come to say hello” Olivier smiles.

Olivier Rizzo US Open

In a week, the players will have recovered their equipment, the boxes will all have disappeared, and it will be time to come back to France. "A lot of work is waiting for us at the end of the year with the test phases, the contract renewals, not to mention all the squash players who start their season! "

And in a few weeks, it will be already time to organize the next distribution in Australia.

To serve the players the best we can.