T-Fight XTC: Fight with a touch of Style

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Main product of the tennis competition segment, the T-Fight is renewed for this autumn 2018.
Inspired by the rapprochement between Lacoste and Tecnifibre, it affirms a clear identity, combining technicality and elegance.

Why did you create these new T-Fight XTCs?

Laurent Blary, Products Manager at Tecnifibre: The new T-Fight XTC range is the flagship product of the new Lacoste / Tecnifibre group.

From the very beginning, Tecnifibre's design teams were inspired by the DNA of both brands to design a unique product in terms of geometry and cosmetics.

  • Technical performance from Tecnifibre
  • Clean style and elegance from Lacoste

For this season, the T-Fight line has benefited from a serious cosmetic facelift, maintaining inspiration from the French colors and staying true to the brand, but in a very modern and sleek way.

As the official product of the ATP World Tour, Tecnifibre takes advantage of bold colors and ultra-matte cosmetics to design a racquet with the top players in mind.

What are the specs?

The T-Fight XTC range, with 7 models, is the broadest range to date in the performance racquet segment.

Recognizing that every player has different needs, Tecnifibre, a specialist brand, started with the various types of players in mind while designing the racquets.

Each type of player is first carefully observed to highlight the common features and expectations based on game style, technique, and physical ability.

With this in mind, the light racquet segment, less than 300 grams, has been completely redesigned to offer a new feel compared to the old line.

  • Extended handle, making a two-handed backhand even easier
  • "Eli-square" shaft cross sections, a hybrid elliptical/rectangular design to generate more stability with greater power potential.
  • A new string pattern (16x19) with a reduced number of crosses for increased spring effect, leading to increased power and ball feel.
  • XTC Construction, an exclusive construction above the grip that provides increased stability and ball feel.
  • A new design for EZ Lock+ grommets to make stringing even easier.
We want offer a racket range to fit the players’ progress, from juniors to seniors, club competitors to the ATP Tour
Laurent Blary
Products Manager

What does this new line include?

This rich line of 7 models is segmented into 3 groups:

  • Lightweight performance models: offered to either younger competitive players or older club players with a 100 square-inch headsize and available in 3 weights: 265g / 280g / 295g
  • Power models: for high performance players who want a traditional but very powerful frame. Available in 2 weights: 300g / 315g with a 16x19 string pattern.
  • Control models: for top level players who want a traditional but very compact frame for stability and control. Available in 2 weights: 305g / 320g with an 18x19 string pattern.

The relevance of this range is it’s ability to offer the right product based on the player's progress from a young age, about 11/12 years old until their presence on the Tour.

For example, Jeremy Chardy (top 46) plays with the T-Fight 305, without modification or customization from the factory specs.