The revolution of women in tennis is on the move!

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Remember ? Last year, we launched the first range of rackets designed exclusively for women.
Now the T-Rebound TEMPO has been tested on the court, and female players of all levels love it!

Tempo, an innovative concept in tennis

Laurent Blary, product manager @Tecnifibre : It is all based on a simple fact : today, women, who account for 30% of the worldwide tennis population (50% in some markets), play with rackets designed for men. And everyone finds this normal.

If you think about it, it isn’t normal at all ! In other sports , such as golf or ski, material specifically adapted to the physiology of the player has been around for decades.

To put a stop to this inconsistency, we decided to develop this new TEMPO range, because our mission is to bring the right product to the right player

Our mission is to propose the right product to the right player. TEMPO is just the realisation of this way of thinking for 50% of the population !
Laurent Blary
Products Manager

Female players are convinced

One year after the racket range has been launched, it is time to watch the results.

We conducted tests with our Trackman (data uptake and analysis of players and their shots whilst playing) with numerous female players of all ages and were able to obtain significant results :

  • 10% more ball rotation (spin)
  • 33% more balls put into the court
  • 88% of players felt that the racket was easier to play with

And now, those scientific facts have been checked on the court, with female players of all levels who feel the direct effects on their game.


Occasional tennis player Nathalie Péchalat finds that the TEMPO racket is much more maneuverable and pleasant!

Lena, promising young player, has adopted TEMPO for his ability to give her more spin!

The racket is perfectly suited to the very offensive game of Lou, ranked among the 50 best French player today

Sara, a former professional player, feels particularly comfortable with a racket that becomes an 'extension of the arm'