How Data Is Used In Players’ Coaching

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As we are part of a digital world, data has become of the main challenge of our century. It's also part of sport where coaches are using it everyday to analyze and improve athletes performances. Let's see how it works



In 2017, every professional sport (both teams and individuals) is using specific statistics in their discipline. 
Through professionalization, the vision for training and competition has completely changed. Coaching has revolutionized the pre-established data. 

Indeed, training used to be at the service of the competition. Before, it was all about training in order to be competitive. However, today with the arrival of coaching, it’s the opposite. Instead, the competition and coaching are at the service of the training. 
When you consider it, coaching or more the embryo of what I should call the coaching cell–started in the 70’s with Bjorn Borg. Borg’s precursor has since been followed by many great champions. 

Of course, coaching has quickly evolved. Indeed, tennis coaching has grown up step by step in order to control every aspect of the athletic, mental, and nutritional preparation. Coaching is now essential for every professional player on the pro-tour. 

But what is coaching? 

Simply put, it is a professional accompanying an athlete, allowing them to gain concrete results. 

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What methods are used by coaches in order to optimize athletes’ performances?

Right now, every player (both on a team or an individual) is using data to prepare as much as possible, to analyze results, and debrief his performances.  

What is the meaning of the data?

Data is the key numbers that are used to pick up information from software applications. 
Tennis has quickly adopted this process. Both ATP and WTA are using data from the end of each set and match, making it much easier to analyze athletes’ performances. 

What is the main data used after a match?

Every statistic from every game situation between the serve and the return of serve. 3 point categories:

  1. Winners
  2. Forced errors
  3. Unforced errors
The competition and coaching are at the service of the training
Olivier Roux
Tennis coach

The essentials data for coaching

Global Data 

Global data used on ATP/WTA tour 


Datas 2

(Published by the end of a set or match)

Detailed Data

Detailed data used on ATP/WTA tour 

Datas 3


(Published by the end of a set or match)


Every professional sport (both teams and individuals) is using specific statistics in their discipline
Olivier Roux
Tennis Coach


Olivier Roux : French Tennis Coach