X-One, ball at the center !

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Chosen by the French Davis Cup Team to be the official ball of the Final against Croatia, the X-One is back under the spotlight.
Exclusive interview.

We see you on many courts, but we don’t really know much about you? 

My name is X-One, I’m 13 years old, and I do love tennis. This sport is my life!

13, that’s pretty young!

Not really! I actually reached puberty very early. I’ve always been very hairy for instance!
I also fell in love with tennis at a young age. From my birth, I’ve been waiting to get on the tennis court to show what I have!
I can even remember I felt that way during the 2 gestation months.

Without pressure, I would live a boring life in a kennel of a garden in a residential area. I want to be thrilled !
Tennis ball

You can remember that time? 

Yes, I was born in a natural way, and I still have some recurrent feelings, just like in a dream.
2 half spheres made of natural rubber colliding. A loud noise. The smell of wool and cotton. A soft hand catching me. The felt tip pen tickling me. All of those memories are engraved in me.

How was your childhood ?

I first had to go through a series of tests to validate my physical aptitudes, and my resistance on the field. I can tell you that it was rough.
My diameter, my weight, my rebound, everything was measured very precisely. A single additional gram could have meant the end of my dreams.
Then, a long dry period, stuck in a dark box, without oxygen. A time that seemed infinite to me, like cryogenics.  Sounds every now and then, but absolute darkness.
And suddenly, a great “Psssccchhhitttt”. Light appeared. Freedom !

How did you feel at this exact moment ?

It was an incredible feeling. After all I went through, I was finally into the world, with my dreams ahead of me.

What kind of dreams for example ?

Playing on the greatest courts, with the greatest players. Writing Tennis History !
My older sister (born 8 years before me), was working at Roland Garros, as her name “French Open” says. For me it was a lot of pressure. I had to live up to the expectations people had of me !

How do you manage to support this pressure you’re talking about ?

I’ve always felt pressure inside me. It gives me strength. Without it, I would live a boring life in a kennel of a garden in a residential area. I want to be thrilled !

" My friends say that I’m very speed, always in a hurry. I’ve to admit that it is true " 

How would you define yourself ?

I’m very natural and spontaneous. 
My friend says that I’m very quick, always in a hurry. I have to admit that is true. But I also want to look further, and think of the long term !
‘Cause I’m very ambitious, I’ve always wanted to get better !

What does your day-to-day life look like ?

You know, there’s a lot of routine, but I like that. 
We train, we try to do our best and then we rest til the next time. The hardest things are the test I have to go through very often to check that I’m still in good shape. A kind of doping control, but very physical !

The French Tennis players of the Davis Cup have chosen you again to play the final of the competition against Croatia. It seems like they really like you ! You must be flattered ?

Yes I am ! I always try to give the best I can on a tennis court and support players as long as possible. So, when you know that they support you as well, that’s very gratifying !

What are your next goals ?

I want to live my life as long as possible ! And to last long, you have to improve yourself. So I’m improving myself more and more to stay very competitive and keep playing at lots of tournaments around the world.
I love travelling, and not just from one racket to another beyond a net !

The 5 bonus questions :

Why do we call you X-One ?

It’s a family heritage ! 
My cousins (X-One racquet and X-One string) were named that. They gave it to me !

Your favorite food ?

Dust is my favorite vice. Not very sexy, but incredibly good !

A favorite player ?

I’m very patriot, I actually support all French players !

What is something you really hate ?

There are 2 actually : rain and dog’s jaws

Any advice you heard too many times ?

“You should think outside the box”. I can’t stand it anymore !

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