Carboflex X-Speed : Raise your creativity

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Gaining power whilst keeping excellent ball touch : Mission Impossible ?
It was the challenge accepted by the new Carboflex rackets, reborn as the X-Speed range

Why did we create the new Carboflex X-Speed rackets and what are its advantages ?

Laurent Blary, Products Development manager at Tecnifibre says :

 « The range was created for players at top level and club players who wanted a product which follows the evolution of the game : more speed and aggressiveness. From a technological point of view, this means a lighter bumper as well as a totally new geometry of the shaft, which allows for more flexibility. The integration of a mini tendon at the side of the shafts limits the risk of too much flexion »

For which player types are the Carboflex X-Speed range suited for ?

LB : « For all players who want to create their own game, and for those who want to imagine and hit  surprising shots ! »

Not suprising that the range was inspired by the Egyptian squash game, and more precisely by the El Shorbagy brothers and Nour El Sherbini, the most creative players on the Tour today.

I think that the new Carboflex X-Speed gives me more confidence in my shots. I do feel it particularly with my long playing style, and when I hit drop shots.
Marwan el Shorbagy
Professional player

What do the players think ?

Marwan El Shorbagy (World No. 4 ) and Nour El Sherbini (World No. 1) have already spoken to us about their new rackets which they have used in matches since January 2018.

Marwan : I like my new racket a lot. I find it extremely well balanced, and the technology matches my playing style !

Nour : Simply perfect. I could not hope for a better start by winning the Tournament of Champions with my new weapon. Marwan’s and Mohamed’s rackets are adapted to their personality.  Mohamed’s black racket reflects the power and force on court. Marwan’s shows his intelligence of his game. 

Marwan el Shorbagy - Squash Professional player                      Nour el Sherbini - Squash Professional player

An innovative design for the Carboflex X-Speed range

The design of the racket was also unanimous by the players:

Marwan : I really like the design of the racket. It is different compared to the other Carboflex frames. I really like the feeling that Tecnifibre creates different products each time : I love it !

Nour : I love the colours. I am enjoying playing with a blue racket, which isn’t common in squash ! i also like having my own signature frame : it is a very special feeling.