"Rule the Wall" with the padel racquet Wall Master

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New player in the emerging padel market, Tecnifibre launches new rackets based on a simple and effective range reading, based on the fundamentals of the padel: play well with the wall.

Laurent Blary, racket product manager at Tecnifibre, tells us more about the models:

We have created 2 well identified silos to meet the technical and tactical expectations of 2 categories of players:

  • Wall Master, for those who want to control the trajectories and zones.
  • Wall Breaker, for those who want to take risks and attack.

The good feedback from the market, relayed by our influencers in the clubs encouraged us to go further in our proposal.

The product offering is expanded to offer more precise solutions in terms of consumer targets.


Raquettes padel


Padel rackets for all types of players

This is the Wall Master range, the most versatile that has been completely redesigned and offer a solution for 4 large populations of padel players:

  • For the youngest: The Wall Master 335: A junior model, lighter, shorter, more maneuverable that offers much more ease. An ultra compressed price to encourage the acquisition of a good 1st equipment.
  • For women: the Wall Master 350 A lighter model also but more powerful with a cosmetic that makes you want to spend on the court
  • For the curious of new sport: The Wall master 365 A mixed model, designed for those who want to discover this sport and who wish a versatile product, with a ball that stands out well in all circumstances
  • For the performers: The Wall Master 375 A performance model, completely revised in collaboration with our Spanish team leader, Willy Lahoz. The Wall Master 365 has been improved on 2 specific points to offer a more aggressive version than the previous version.

- An increased mass of 10g to generate more weight in the ball, without losing maneuverability thanks to an effective balance: 265 mm

- A brand new construction that incorporates exclusive weaving, developed with one of Taiwan's leaders: Multiaxial Ballistic Fabrics:

- Exclusive construction incorporating: carbon, PET, and fiberglass.

- Exclusive performance: + power, + tolerance, + responsiveness

- The product is already used by our Spanish player for many weeks in training and competition.

Willy Lahoz - Wall Master

What do professional players think?

Willy et Jérémy Padel

"In game" feelings ?

Jérémy Scatena: The racket gum is very nice and rather powerful it is an ideal racket for attack players. Its rough surface makes it ideal or to play outside and give effect to the ball. I particularly feel the forehand volley flat and the smash

Willy Lahoz: It's a very comfortable racket. Above all, it focuses on control. It is very handy and gives a possibility to generate some incredible angles.
The weight distribution is excellent, giving the racket great power.

This alloy of control and power is subtle, and the racket manages to find that balance!

The racket is spectacular. It catches the eye at first glance and I find the visual effect really pleasant.
Willy Lahoz
#29 at World Padel Tour

The design of the racket?

Jérémy Scatena: I really like its diamond shape and the small fins on the edge of the racket. You have the impression that your racket goes faster in the air.

Willy Lahoz: The snowshoe is spectacular. It catches the eye at first glance and I find the visual effect really pleasant.

A bit of rooming: What shot the other one will never be able to do ?

Jérémy Scatena: The violent smash that comes back to our camp is not for Willy!

Willy Lahoz: I think that the subtle little shot to aim the grid diagonally, it's not his specialty :) But he should be able to improve on this point with the new racket!