Jérémy Chardy: "My First" Interview

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French tennis player Jérémy Chardy takes a look back in the past to remember the key moments of his career!

Your first step on a tennis court ?

Jérémy Chardy : I was 6 years old. I was with my mom and my sister. I started tennis with them and they gave me the passion of tennis.


Your first match ?

It was a really long time ago ! I feel old now ! I was maybe 8 years old, but I’m not sure, because it is too far… I remember the first tournament I won, because I still have the trophy next to my bed, this is the really important one for me, still now. This tournament was in a small town close to my house. It was my first tennis tournament and I won it, so I came back home with the trophy, was so happy. That is still my favourite trophy so far !

I remember the first tournament I won, because I still have the trophy next to my bed. That is my favourite so far !
Jérémy Chardy
ATP Ranked #80

Your first ATP Point ?

I’m not sure if it was in a challenger in Spain or in a Future in France, I have to check that !


Your first participation in a Grand Slam ?

The first time I played in a Grand Slam was in Roland Garros, in 2006. I had a wild card, I was still a Junior, and  I beat Jonas Bjorkman at the first round. Unfortunately I lost against David Ferrer at the 2nd.


Your first win over a top100 player ?

I think it was in Estoril. I was Lucky Loser, and I won my first match so it was the first time I passed a round in an ATP event. I’m sure the guy was Top100 even if I don’t remember who it was !


Your first big result in the ATP Tour ?

I think it was in 2008, in Roland Garros again. I also had a wild card, I was ranked around 180 or 190, and I beat David Nalbandian at the second round ! I was 2 sets down, and then I won in 5 sets. I reached the 4th round and I achieved the top100 at the end of the tournament, so I think that is my best result.