Daniil Medvedev, lightning ascent

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Ranked #65 at the beginning of the 2018 season, Daniil Medvedev is now #16 after a beautiful year on the Tour, where he won his first 3 ATP tournaments.
His French coach Gilles Cervara tells us more about this lightning ascent.

How do you analyze Daniil's beautiful season?

Gilles Cervara : For me it is first a big team work, a process of training and rigorous work.

The work I have proposed and which he has undertaken since Wimbledon with a person who accompanies him on the mental aspect is also bearing fruit.

We have seen the benefits quickly, this allows the tennis work to materialize.

What are the key moments of the season?

I think his victory in Sydney at the beginning of the year gave him a lot of confidence and created a good dynamic.

He lost in the first round at a challenger the week before, and it was very hard for him. But he managed to find the resources to remobilize the next week and get his first title on the circuit, which gave him a lot of confidence for the rest of the year.

There are also a lot of things that are invisible, such as the injuries that brought him and his team to think and adjust their physical programming throughout the year so that they can strengthen their physical work.

There were some defeats against top 10 players in the spring in the US for example, which still bear fruit in terms of experience for the following matches.

And Wimbledon, which was a new starting point of the season!


In what ways did he progress this year?

We talked about his mental strengh, but his game is much more dynamic. Today he is also able to vary his style of play.

There are different specifics that progressed gradually as well, such as service, forehand or return.

What are the next steps for 2019?

He must still progress on his quality of serve, to be able to count on this weapon whatever happens, just as the best ones.

He can also develop more and more offensive game while retaining of course his solid play from the baseline.

And the habit of playing more regularly against tops players will also allow his level to grow up more naturally

Your relationship with Danill?

It's a really singular relationship that exists between us, that we both feel.

A fine and subtle relationship. We are both quite subtle people I think. These are things like glances, energy, full of invisible things that are hard to express with words.