Bob Sinclar, Jérémy Chardy and Daniil Medvedev having fun #TF40 Party

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Guest stars of the TF40 Party organized in Paris on April 2nd to celebrate the new identity of Tecnifibre, Bob Sinclar, Daniil Medvedev and Jérémy Chardy talk about their passion for tennis… and music!

Bob, since when are you a big tennis fan ? Are you particularly following Jérémy and Daniil’s careers ?

Bob Sinclar: Actually, tennis is my work, and music is my hobby.
Everyday, I live tennis, always watching highlights, some of Jeremy, I love Roger also of course, the Frenchies…
When you’re on Youtube all day, they keep proposing you more and more matches, so I watch all of it!

When I was in the US, on TennisChannel, I had some tennis on every of my 4 TVs at home while I was playing music. There is always tennis somewhere!


What do you like most in their game?

Bob Sinclar: I like Daniil’s serve, because I don’t know how to throw up the ball on serve!

And for Jérémy, the backhand!

I love athletes in general, I would have loved to become a professional athlete! When you’re a young boy, you want to play football and tennis, but when you’re bad at both, you play music!

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Jeremy, Daniil, do you listen to music before a match ?

Jérémy Chardy: When I warm up, little by little, I have my playlist with songs I love
Bob Sinclar: More energic or calm?

Jérémy Chardy: It depends, the beginning of my playlist is rather calm and quiet, and it goes crescendo!

And I think I’ll ask Bob to give me a little playlist for my next matches

Daniil Medvedev: There is always some music on the court during the warm up, and I’ve seen that when this is Bob Sinclar songs, I win all the time, and really easy each time

Jérémy Chardy: He is the real star!

Bob Sinclar: Playing music brought me to this!


Did you play any instruments growing up?

Jérémy Chardy: I love music and I first thought “I’ll learn to play guitar to seduce girls and actually I’m really terrible at it, I don’t hear sounds

Daniil Medvedev: Exactly the same for me: if I decide to sing a song, all the people around will beg me to stop!