Triax: a revolutionary string

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And we promise you the word is not overused here.
The Triax marks a huge milestone in the strings world.
Here is why!

At Tecnifibre, we are always looking to boost the performance of players with equipment which is perfectly suited to their needs.

So, after months of hard work, we are extremely proud to present our brand new innovation with sensational results in play: TRIAX!

Give us a few moments to tell you the story!

Triax: revolutionary string for players


The Triax breaks the current norms of the strings market.


1st multifilament with co-polyester fibers, it offers the player a unique playing feel combining firmness, control and comfort, while keeping long durability.

In a few words: a new generation of strings is born.

And you only have one thing left to do: try it!



We recommend the Triax for the following players categories:


Triax string: recommendation players


They have tested Triax



The different technological breakthroughs in the world of strings at Tecnifibre

• 1980: 1st multifilament with polyurethane => the solution for strings for power and playing comfort

• 2000: 1st multifilament with polyester fibers => the solution for strings for control and playing comfort

• 2010: 1st monofialement “Soft” co-polyester => the solution for strings for resistance and playing comfort

• 2020: 1st multifilament with co-polyester fibers => the solution for strings for control, playing comfort and durability


Triax string: revolution string for tennis players