T. Lincou : "I am learning every day"

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Thierry Lincou and squash is a true story of love at first sight.
The former World N.1 speaks about his past as a player to explain his new life as coach. Made of sweat, delight, and squash.


Thierry, how are you ?

All good here!

I am settled and love it in Boston. It is not Reunion Island nor Marseille but I like it for other reasons.


You reached semifinal at the US Open a few years ago. What do you think about this event ?

I played in the first edition of this event at Drexel and loved the set up.

I lost to Shabana in semis but it was a great run. I love going back and seeing the guys on Tour and feeling the atmosphere.


Since 2013, you have been working as a coach for the MIT Squash Teams, how was the transition from Pro Player to Coach ?

I am learning every day. Being a good player is one thing but being a good coach is very different. You need different skills and my experience and expertise of course helps me in this new job.

I coach the MIT varsity teams but also teach PE there, run a junior program, teach Little kids, adults and also coach Team USA.


What kind of coach are you ? Good cop or Bad Cop ?

I want to have that strong connection with my players.

I am very supportive and encouraging/positive but I also want them to work hard, push their limits and exceed their mental barriers.

I can be too picky too....


"It takes time to get maturity in squash"

Thierry Lincou a des yeux partout


What do you think about the evolution of squash in the last few years ? The new generation of players ?

It is interesting indeed to see this new generation of players and the things they can do now at a high pace....

But I also have a lot of respect for the current generation with guys over 30 and who can be very competitive with their consistency, experience and knowledge of the game.

It takes time to get that maturity in squash anyway!


Do you have any advice for young squash players ?

Yes, to love the game. If they love the game, naturally they will spend more time practicing and understand how to hit better and more consistently.

Solo, fitness, drills, games, mental, competition are part of the ingredients to become a good junior.


And find a good partner too ?

Yes of course ! Tecnifibre is more than a partner to me. We have been collaborating together and have had lots of success for more than 15 years now.

The brand is a big part of my squash life for sure.

I love it, the products and most importantly the people involved. It is like a family!

Thierry Lincou et Tecnifibre