Dive into the pro stringing world in Monte Carlo

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In Monte-Carlo, players are the stars but what people may not know is that backstage their racquets have a life of their own.
Find it out!

Stringing at the heart

The player might be under the spotlight, but his racquet is also part of the show! Official stringer Stéphane Chrzanovski and his colleagues are making sure that each racquet comes back to its owner in the most perfect state of performance. On the tecnifibre stand, it’s non stop. “We’re the first to get there and often also the last ones to leave. We’re here before 8am, finishing to prepare the racquets for matches, for practices and then it goes on and on and on. During the day, coaches or someone from the staff are more often the ones who come to give us the racquets, but in the morning it happens to see players coming to do it and also have a chat with us.”

Tecnifibre Stringers Team
We are holding a little bit the keys of what’s going to happen on the centre court
Stephane Chrzanovski
Professional Stringer

Once the racquet is there, the whole process can start. “The first day, we received 150 racquets so one needs a big rigor of work through each stage. You can’t for example put the wrong logo on the strings by writing Tecnifibre on another brand!” When Chrzanovski gets a racquet, he asked for the tension even if he knows the player’s habits. “Truth of today isn’t truth of tomorrow. Yesterday we went for 24kg but maybe today it’s hotter out there by ten degrees so the player is going to want 25kg and so he needs to tell us.” And the official stringer needs to know everything on everything! “You need to know all the produtcs because all the players and so all the brands are coming to us.” There’s a mandatory trust between stringers and players. “We understand that we’re also doing something very important for the players, for the good run of the tournament.


Players and Stringers : a relationship based on confidence

Hugo Nys Tennis PlayerNot to forget that the racquet they took care of in the morning before the match can come back after only a few games played! “During the matches yes we’re being given some racquets back because a string has broken or the player needs another tension or because some players are testing racquets. We’re receiving a message from the supervisor, then the ball kid comes with the racquet and we then have to be quick in order to get the racquet back to the player at the next changeover at best. All of this needs to be done in less than 15 minutes: getting the strings off, registering the racquet in the computer, cleaning it a little bit, stringing it, putting the logo, putting the racquet in the plastic bag and then sending it back.”


This racquet that comes to the stringer is also sometimes saved by this professional who doesn’t shy away from giving advices. “In Monte-Carlo, the humidity is huge and we still have players using natural gut which absorbs it a lot and it can make the strings break very early. So it’s better to string hose racquets in the morning than the day before. Pierre-Hugues Herbert uses natural gut but also likes to string his racquets the day before, so I just told him. And he kept breaking strings through tournaments so we also told him he should change. We gave him another set of strings, he tried it and he threw away his former one!”

We can see the written messages left on the racquets by the guys or the pictures drawn of their family. In those cases especially you don’t want to damage it
Stephane Chrzanovski
Professional Stringer

This racquets dancing number is being displayed in front of the crowd who likes it very much: “Sometimes we here some ‘Wow, it’s Richard Gasquet’s racquet over here!’ because this one is easy to recognize through its handle. Through the days, stringers also get to know more about the players’ private lives: “We can see the written messages left on the racquets by the guys or the pictures drawn of their family. In those cases especially you don’t want to damage it!” The racquet is demanding morning to evening every day, so maybe it’s the one being the real diva of the Tour!