Jérémy Chardy: "My Secrets" interview

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French tennis player Jérémy Chardy shares the secrets of his game and preparation on the ATP World Tour!

Your secrets of mental preparation ?

Jérémy Chardy : Before each match I try to be really relaxed, because I’m really agressive in my game but I need to be relax to hit the ball fast and to be precise. So I try to stay in my bubble and try to be as relax as I can, even if it is not always easy.


Your secret rituals before a match ?

I have a playlist on my phone, I’m listening to music. They are not my favourite songs, but they make me feel pump, and after that I’m ready to fight.


Your secrets of nutrition ?

My secret is to have no secret at all. I think I’m a very professional, but nutrition is the hard part. I love food too much, I come from the South West of France, where we used to eat a lot when we were young, so I eat a lot of good things, but not so much for sports.
When I am on tournament, I try to make some effort, but when I’m not, I enjoy other food !

When I’m tired, a good Coca-Cola with ice and lemon is just perfect !
Jérémy Chardy
ATP Ranked #80

Your secrets of physical preparation ?

I think it is a work during the whole year. I’m working every week, every single day. I have my routine, and I do some exercises all the time. In order to be fit the whole year, you must be constant in the physical work.

Je pense que c’est un travail qu’il faut faire tout au long de l’année. Je travaille physiquement toutes les semaines, et tous les jours. J’ai mes routines, des exercices que je répète encore et encore. Selon moi, pour être en forme toute l’année, il faut être constant dans le travail physique.


Your secrets of match analysis ?

I don’t really analyze my match, my coach do it ! After he has analyzed it, we talk about it. For me it is a little bit different, because I love to lead the game and make the points, so I prefer to be focus on myself, and analyze what I’m doing well or wrong. I try to stay positive and work on my game and a lot of repetition


Your secret vices ?

I love too much Coca-Cola ! It is really not good for the tennis, the muscle, everybody says that, but when I’m tired, a good Coke with ice and lemon is just perfect !