Daria Kasatkina & Philippe Dehaes, partners on and off the court!

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The mobilizing speeches of the coach have proved it this season: the alchemy between the Belgian Philippe Dehaes and his young Russian star Daria Kasatkina is palpable. But how is their relationship off the court?
Interview "Who is the most"!

Which one of you is… funnier ?


-What Why? You say why you’re so funny

-I don’t know why I’m funny. Because she is laughing when I make some jokes

-I can show a few things, but later

-Yes, after her career, she can show you a few videos


Which one of you is more… dreamer ?

-Dreamer? Maybe Daria. I hope

-I hope!

-I mean, you’re 21, if you stop dreaming at 21, it”s a disaster. When you’re 57, you still keep dreaming, but you’re a little bit more pragmatic

-What are you dreaming about?

-I will tell you later


Which one of you is more… ambitious?

-Ambitious? Yes I’m ambitious for sure

-Oh yeah, me too!



Which one of you is more… work addict?

-Where is my brother???

-I think she answered the question!


Which one of you is more… calm during a match?

-But it is easier when you are sitting on a chair

-I ate a piece of paper

-Is it a good taste? It’s my job to be calm also. If I’m completely excited, it can not work!


Which one of you is more… greedy?

-I don’t know!

-Who is buying all the chololate in the supermarket?

-Yes because you can’t but if you were free, you’d go in every shop of the world buying

-You too OK?