Team Squash Women


Nour El Sherbini




Name : Nour El Sherbini

Nationality : Egyptian

Birth date : 1 November 1995

Best WSA ranking : 4

Racket and string you play with : Carboflex 130, Green 305 String Tecnifibre

At what age did you begin to play squash? 6

Did you have a weakness as a kid that you worked hard to improve? Yes, I always knew that my backhand was better than my forehand so I worked hard to make them both the same

How important was/is your family in your career? Extremely important and especially my brother who is the acting manager of Team Sherbini. My Mom and Dad gives me all the support I need

What other sports did you practice and why did you decide to concentrate fully on squash? I didn’t practice any sport before, it was squash and only squash. My love to racket sports in general is infinite and I found myself in squash so I decided to go on. Also early achievements for me at a young age made me keep going…

What’s your favorite tournament, and why? The British Open. Why? Good memories there. I also love the KL Open in Malaysia

Best win/memory? Reaching the Final of the British Open in 2012 and becoming the youngest World Champion in 2009

Worst loss/ashamed of? Losing in the second Round of the British Open 2013

Any advice for other players to progress in Squash? Don’t ever listen to anyone who lets you down? Everyone must follow his dream and one day you will achieve it. The world is full of negative people. Just follow your thoughts and hold tight to people who love you because they are hard to find these days and they are the ones who will believe in you the most

Your power song in you iPod before entering the court? New Day by Alicia Keys, Hall of Fame by The Script




What’s your main objective in life? To achieve what no one can do and to impress the world with my achievements

What was the most the important piece of advice you received along the way? To give it a try in everything and don’t say I am too young to do something

Nothing is better than? Watching TV Series in a chill place

Top 3 reasons to wake up every morning?

1)    School

2)    Training

3)    Traveling

What’s your favorite quotation? “If you are good at one thing, make it everything” Roger Federer



Tecnifibre : teamtecnifibre