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Name: Dino Marcan

Nationality :  Croatia

Birth date :  12.2.1991.

Best ranking ATP : 289

Racket and string you play with: …T-fight, black code 1.24

At what age did you begin to play tennis ?  4 years..

Did you have a weakness as a kid that you worked hard to improve? ..It was my serve

How important was/is your family in your career?

They play very important role

What other sports did you practice and why did you decide to concentrate fully on tennis?

.I was very good at football and volleyball but I never practiced anything but tennis

What’s your favorite tournament / why ?
Umag, its close to my home town and I always feel good and play well there

Best win /memory ? 
Beating Bollelli in Umag in front of home crowd, or winning doubles at Junior Roland Garros

Worst loss/ ashamed of ?
Any of last 5 finals of futures which happened in a row

Nothing is better than ?
Achieving your long term goals...or eating a Croatian lamb..

Top 3 reason to wake up every morning?

             Enjoy life

             Make yourself usefull

Any advice for other players to progress in Tennis?
don’t play tennis if you don’t love it, it’s a loooooong road

Your powersong in your ipod before entering the court ?
 My temper needs relax music not powermusic

What was the most important piece of advice you received along the way?

Goran Prpic told me, when you don’t know anymore what to do, just work your legs and watch the ball

How was the feeling of playing your first (Junior) Grand Slam ?

I was very nervous about going after the escort to the court but it went well, it was very nice and encouraging experience

What’s your  favorite quotation ?

It’s the will of the man, ain’t the skill



   Dans la vie


Starting year with TF :

Favorite food :
Mom's lasagne

Favorite citation / quotation :
Unus obviam sulum (alone against everybody)

I could not play tennis without :
My family, sponsors, friends.

If you could turn pro in another sport which would it be and why ?
Football: team work and easy money

You’ve got 2 weeks and a private jet, where do we go ?

Top 3 reasons to wake-up every morning ?
To see family, to achieve new goals, to have fun!

How long does it take to get ready in the morning ?
Not too long, i get up quickly

How do you relax ?
With afternoon nap

Best shopping place ?
Hugo Boss




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