Team Coach


   Sur le court


My name is Andreea Ehritt-Vanc. I play with tecnifibre for 4 years now. I have been playing professional tennis for 16 years, and over this years i come to know exactly what I am looking for in a racket.

For me, feel and speed has alway's been very important, because i am not too tall. I need a good combination of speed and touch from my material. Tecnifibre has a very professional range of rackets providing all the speed I need. And with the super touch of the x one multifilament string still provides me with great touch and grip on the ball.

   Dans la vie


Now as a coach I try to help upcomming professionals to find their perfect balance of racket and strings to maximize their potential. Of course let me not forget that training with the premium Tecnifibre balls (x-one) is a pleasure and very important when training 4 hours or more a day. The balls are fast flexible and great shock absorbers.

In our academy, Pro-M International Tennis Academy, we are looking to maximize the potential of our upcomming pro's, and Tecnifibre is doing just that for us. Great Material!


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