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The future of men's tennis is to convert defense into attack in a fraction of a second.

Velocity Shaft Design, it's 11% less beam size on the shaft for more speed ans spin vs a standard elliptic beam.

Unmatched combination of flexibility and torsion stability. Constant feel and long lasting performance for aggressive players

Less vibrations, better sensations.

Type of use

Heavy rackets (+300gr), usually used by tournament's players who have a high technical level, offer a very good power. This power must be combined with a lot of spin for a good result. Polyester strings offer a lot of spin and durability. But Polyester's rigidity creates more vibrations.


Directly inspired from the elaboration of professionnal rackets, we use fiber silicone in the handle to limit bad vibrations.

A revolutionnary design of the shaft which provides 10% more rigidity compared to an elliptic section, without sacrifycing neither control nor comfort. 


Construction of bumper gromet made of polyurethane (PU), which offers 18% additionnal shock absorption for more confort.


Pu Power Pads soaks up impacts and nocive vibrations to offer additionnal confort.


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